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November, 2016
Heide's work was part of an exhibition at the Glenrose Hospital.

Make Your Own Mandalas

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Mandalas and Sacred Patterns

Mandala is a Sanskrit word, loosely translated to mean Circle. There is a profound relationship between the stable and lasting nature of a mandala’s centre and the vital swing of its circle. The circle represents the cosmos, the universe, and shows us our relation to the infinite, a world extending beyond and within us. Working with mandalas shows us to come from our own constant centre, the sacred space of the heart.

The Mandala contains the origin of beginnings. Every cell and atom has a nucleus surrounded be a circle. It is unity around one point. A baby grows from a seed, the egg and sperm, and keeps growing in a geometric pattern. An apple cut diagonally in half reveals the seeds, and radiating out from there, a star shape surrounded by a circle, the outer shell.

In traditions and cultures all over the world we see circles, such as circle dancing, the drawing of a medicine wheel, or the "Flower of Life" pattern found in all major religions of the world. Leonardo da Vinci, artist, engineer and mathematician, created works of art according to this pattern.

Google Sacred Geometry, Leonardo da Vinci or other mandala sites and find out more.

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Arrange for classes in your home to suit your family, group of friends, or class of children. Contact me to book a class tailored to your needs.


Heide Muller-Haas

Since she was 21 years old, Heide Muller-Haas has drawn and painted nature and people. She has had exhibitions in galleries in Europe and the Caribbean. Heide started creating Mandalas in 1992 recognizing and enjoying the quality of connection with her own inner beingness, to meaning and the universe as a whole. Recently her "circle art" was exhibited at the Carrot Cafe in Edmonton.

Heide loves sharing with people the joy of discovering their inner creative abilities and potentials through teaching them to make their own Mandalas.

Heide Muller-Haas “I love to think that my mandalas in some way bring joy, peace and harmony into people's homes.”

Photos: Douglas Mu McGregor